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Hey, I’m Tristan 👋
I love bringing new 
ideas to market.

I’ve worked with over 50 startups as a founder, as a consultant or with my startup growth agency Growth Division,  helping startups find and validate channels to market their products and services.

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What I do

I have worked with over 50 startups in the last few years in a variety of capacities: as a founder, on the founding team, as a consultant or currently with my growth marketing agency Growth Division or the Web3 growth marketing DAO I founded called Growth DAO. We help startups find and validate channels to market through our community of growth experts, and I have worked with the likes of, Seedlegals, Oddbox and Weavr. Here you can find my services:

Free consulting

I offer 2-hours of my time to free 30-minute drop-in session each and every week for founders and marketers to be able to have a deep dive into a specific growth challenge they are facing. In these sessions we can go into:

Go-to-market strategy (Web2 or Web3)

Growth target setting

Growth experiments

Customer acquisition

If you’re up for a free 30-minute consultation, book below:



If you are looking for a more formalised on-going advisor to your business I offer paid (both equity and monetary payment option) advisory work. I can most help if you are either a scaling agency or service-based business or a tech business needing advise on growth. This would generally include:

A monthly structured call to keep you accountable to key growth metrics

On-going advice on growth strategy

Business referrals



I also regularly do guest posts and appearances at events or on podcasts.

Here are a few topics I like to speak about:

“How startups should build their go-to-market strategy”
“How to form your startup growth team”
“How to run Growth Marketing Experiments”
“Reasons why startups fail to grow”

This is what my clients have to say

Deepak Ravindran

Founder & CEO

“Tristan has done a superb job here at Oddbox. We now have a fully automated inbound lead capture and conversion process in place, as well as automation tools that save the Oddbox team time every day!”

Glofox Clemens Deimann
Clemens Deimann

Head of Growth

“Tristan has a great understanding of business context. He is able to quickly evaluate business strategy effectiveness by outlining critical dependencies."

3Dtvornica Valent Turkovic
Valent Turkovic


“Tristan blew me away, got the exact answers I needed and they will help me to scale up my business in a way that I didn't think was possible.”


Founder & CEO

Victoria Halina Poon

“Tristan's ability to help me drive growth for the company has been invaluable. I have a fantastic sounding board in him and he has provided important guidance on our overall business development. Most of all, it's been wonderful having a kind human being on board who aligns with our business values and supports my entrepreneurial journey as a solo founder. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking guidance on their business growth strategy.”

Things I love


I want to leave this planet a net contributor. We're given one planet, and we have a responsibility on both an individual and societal level to leave it in a better state than we found it. My goal is to contribute where I can. I am utilising the experience I've gained and the assets I'm developing to help others and the planet.


Coffee is one of life’s pleasures. I’m constantly trying new types of coffee and new roasters. Whether I’m brewing using my Aeropress, V60, Chemex, French Press or Moka Pot I’m making notes of the coffee I’m drinking in a Notion board with my brother, you cans see this by clicking below.


Each year I set myself a reading challenge to read a certain number of books. Reading is an amazing way to relax and learn. I read a mix of fiction and non-fiction, depending on my mood. You can see all the books I’ve read and my reviews of them if you give me a follow on GoodReads.

Drum and Bass

I'm massively into drum and bass (DNB) music, I have been for years. And I always want others to experience the music I love. So, I've started a collection where you can filter by sub-genre, artist and your DNB proficiency level. Then I've made a silly comment I feel represents each tune.

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And that's me!

Let's have a coffee?

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