Hi, I’m Tristan.

A Customer Engagement Consultant.
I help businesses grow their revenue through Sales and Marketing automation & optimisation.

Grow your business through...

Customer Engagement Optimisation

Driving revenue growth by reviewing and optimising your customer journey through Dave McClure's AARRR Framework. 

Efficiently designed Sales and Marketing stack

Help you design and implement a sustainable sales and marketing technology stack that you can rely on to grow.


Get more new customers

A review of your marketing strategies to encourage more prospective customers to hear about your awesome brand and product.​


Turn prospects into customers


Optimise your customer onboarding flow to increase conversions to paying customers. Create triggers that will encourage people to try your product for the first time.


Get customers to come back

more frequently

Encourage repeat usage of your product or service by taking advantage of phycological triggers and variable rewards.


Maximise income per customer

Create the perfect pricing model, so you are maximising your earning potential each time a customer interacts with your product or brand.


Go viral

Create viral loops to get existing customers to sign up new customers. Take advantage of brand advocates to be contagious.

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What you get:

Insights and Analytics

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Research

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Actionable change that increases revenue

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