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Best Chrome Extensions

Out of interest, has anyone got more Chrome extensions than the above screenshot? I want to see someone with the whole toolbar is full!

Check out some of my recommendations below, and give me a shout if you have any you use regularly that you would recommend. I'm always up for hearing about new useful extensions!

Augmenting your browser with apps and extensions can help you boost efficiency, save time and gain insights whilst browsing the web. My own personal MUST HAVES are marked with **.


AdGuard AdBlocker** - in the age of online advertising this extension is a must to avoid being over-run by corporates, and subliminally coerced, into buy STUFF.

Poper Blocker** - pop-ups are just so annoying and interfere with free internet surfing.

LastPass** - a free password management app. New login? Simply generate a secure password with random characters, numbers & letters (you choose length and strength) then LastPass will remember the password and input it when you visit site.


MixMax - if you use Gmail this is a must. Tracks open, click and replies. Allows you to delay sending, send sequenced emails and better schedule meetings.

CRM - HubSpot/FreshSales/Copper/Zoho all have Chrome extensions, allows you to more easily pull in contact information and client account information whilst on Gmail.

Hunter.io** - genuinely one of my most used extensions. Head to a company's website, click extension and you geta list of all emails associated with that domain, the persons name and their job title.

Crystal - See personality profiles and insights via LinkedIn and get recommendations for how best to approach someone when emailing them.

FindThatLead - find a person's email and contact information when on their LinkedIn or Twitter profiles. Also get emails from any domain.

Just Not Sorry - warns you when you are using language that undermines the message you are trying to get across. Helps you write more persuasive, to the point emails.

Writing & Productivity:

Grammarly - enhance your written communications online. Get warned of spelling or grammatical mistakes and easily correct them in a couple of clicks.

Evernote** - I'm a big fan of Evernote, a great tool for jotting down notes. This clipper app is awesome for taking a screenshot of webpage and saving it into a specific notebook.

Chromoji - who needs words when you have emojis? Find yourself constantly searching in Emojipedia? Well here is your solution, simply click on the extension and insert emoji 🎉 😃

Asana** - easily my favourite work productivity tool, Asana allows you to better manage tasks. Quickly create and assign tasks from this extension to make sure things get done ✅


Loom - video screen recording app. 1 click to start recording, 1 click to stop. Easily send instruction videos or demos through.

Hangouts - quickly jump on a call or start a chat through this Chrome extension.

Tab for a Cause** - raise money for charity every time you open a tab (which you do A LOT throughout the day). Customise your tab with widgets, and there are a couple of ads on the tab, where the money raised goes to a charity of your choice.

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