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Email Marketing: Do's and Don'ts

Here are a few of my tips for getting the best possible deliverability for your email marketing campaigns, and hopefully this will help you improve your conversions...

✅ Do - Keep track of your email domain reputation

Make sure you are aware if your email domain starts to get picked up by spam filters, because once this happens all emails associated with your domain will start to go into spam. Use tools like Sender Score to stay on top of your domain.

✅ Do - Set-up an alternative email domain for cold outreach

To ensure your normal email domain doesn't get negatively effected by spam filters, create an alternative sales domain, like adding "-mail" after your regular domain name.

✅ Do - Warm up a new email domain

Don't go straight in on your new domain sending hundreds of emails each day, start off slowly and aim to get the best possible open rates. So start by sending to your best customer lists who are most likely to open and engage with the email.

✅ Do - test your subject lines and analyse open rates

20-30% is around the industry standard open rate. But you want to be aiming for 60%+. By A/B test your subject lines and sender name you'll be able to optimise your methods over time.

✅ Do - Set up the appropriate SPF records to verify your email domain ownership

Sender Policy Frameworks, or SPF records, authenticates a sender's identity by checking the IP address the email is sent from to the list of IP addresses that have been authorised by the domain's owner. Setting this up will help increase deliverability of your emails and reduce the likelihood of being picked up by spam filters.

✅ Do - send relevant content to relevant segments of your target lists

Segment your lead data as finely as possible, and only send relevant information to people who are going to want to receive it. If you start sending out to everyone and anyone your open rates will plummet. 📉 And consistent low open rates cause warning signs for spam filters.

🚫 Don't - Send attachments, or overly HTML heavy emails in first outreach

There get picked up by spam filters and negatively impact your domain's deliverability. My experience is that text based, personalised emails get the best conversions for B2B marketing anyway.

🚫 Don't - Use unverified data or guess emails

1-2% bounce rate is ok, but anything in the 4-5%+ area will get picked up by the spam detection algorithms used by email providers.

Use tools such as these to verify your data's validity:

Bounceless.io (B2C&B2B)

Growlabs (B2B)

Find That Lead (B2B)

Hunter.io (B2B)

Proofy.io (B2B)

🚫 Don't - use @Gmail or Outlook or personal email addresses

These email providers have strict limits on how many emails you can send a day (circa 200 emails). Consider using a professional email service provider (ESP).

🚫 Don't - use words like FREE, URGENT, SALE or capitalise

Not only do spam filters pick these up and chuck them out, but people avoid opening emails have these in the subject line like the plague. Equally avoid over punctuating!!! Oh and don't use emoji's in the subject.

Finally ✅ Do - give me a shout if you want any help or advice with your email marketing, drop me a line at contact@tristangillen.com

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