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What others say

"I would not hesitate to recommend Tristan for any role involving business development, process implementation and leadership requirements."

Tom, CEO & Founder at Ordoo

"An intelligent and pragmatic thinker, an innovative individual and an unbelievable guy. Tristan ticks every box in what you want from a colleague and professional. Tristan has a tireless work ethic, and when combined with his ability and willingness to learn the result is an exceptionally well-rounded individual"


Ben, Accounts Manager at Ordoo

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"Tristan has been instrumental in delivering a new avenue for downloads of the ClickSit app. He’s built and executed on successful sales campaigns with key learnings and processes to take forward to help us scale. He’s also helped automate some core internal processes to drive engagement in the product, enhance efficiency and save us time.”

Thomas, CEO & Founder at ClickSit

"It was a pleasure working with Tristan. His analytical expertise directly affected the strategic focus of Ordoo. He has a fantastic work ethic and has massive pride in his work; shown in his attention to detail. He has been an integral part of Ordoo's continued success."


Jon, Business Development at Ordoo  |  (+44) 077134 66979