The Planet Shine

The Planet Shine is on a mission to work with the global community to foster a sustainable planet through sharing story-based content and promoting ethical, sustainable brands on their directory.


The Planet Shine team needed a CRM expert to advise on and manage the implementation of a CRM system and sales and marketing process that worked for both their B2C and B2B audiences.

The Results

A CRM system in place that works for their B2C and B2B customers

B2B sales process designed to engage with and convert prospects

B2C data capture and automated engagement communications in place

The entire team trained up on the CRM with on-going support and customisations of the CRM and processes to suit their specific needs

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Rachel McClelland, Co-Founder

“Tristan & Growth Division very quickly understood the requirements of The Planet Shine in both a B2B and B2C capacity. They have effectively embedded a seamless marketing automation system, with both a commercial and creative approach, developing our sales process and enabling our business to grow very quickly whilst minimising resource. Such a pleasure to work with, too!.”



PushFar is the world's leading open mentoring platform. It enables thousands of professionals worldwide to find mentors and stay on top of their career progression.


They needed help building an outbound sales process that has a high level of automation and focuses on conversions.

The Results

New automated marketing tool in place 

New CRM system and process in place

Optimised outbound copy 

Data collection and verification process built

Easy to manage CRM process built


Ed Johnson, CEO

"Tristan and the team at Growth Division surpassed all expectations and provided our team with an incredible sales outreach strategy, setup and implementation. Scoping out our requirements, discussing our existing outbound sales and marketing, mapping out a solution and then implementing it was seamless. The whole process happened efficiently with attention to detail and included perfect collateral to further support our team as we grow. I have no hesitation in recommending Tristan and Growth Division to any business or individual looking at seriously scaling and expanding their marketing and sales efforts."



Clicksit is Shopify’s leading Returns Management app, allowing online retailers to completely automate their returns.


The team needed someone to come in and design their sales and marketing processes and manage their customer engagement funnel.

The Results

New CRM in place that integrates with existing infrastructure

Reporting and tracking of Sales in place

Key learnings from email campaigns (A/B testing)

New business reliably coming in from automated sales campaigns

Time-saving automations in place that have led to better management of leads


Thomas Hill, Founder & CEO

"Tristan has been instrumental in delivering a new avenue for downloads of the ClickSit app. He’s built and executed on successful sales campaigns with key learnings and processes to take forward to help us scale. He’s also helped automate some core internal processes to drive engagement in the product, enhance efficiency and save us time.”


Sargasso & Grey

Sargasso & Grey are one of the UK’s leading wide fitting woman’s shoe companies, as confirmed by The Times and The Telegraph.


Needed someone to design and implement a new sales process. Needed someone to lead the creation of their new B2B (wholesale) part of their business.

The Results

New scalable, repeatable and reliable sales process in place

CRM implemented and staff trained

A consistent flow of qualified B2B leads coming into the team

An optimised email campaign that reliably brings in results


Katie Owen, Founder & CEO

“Tristan has led the creation of our wholesale sales process. He has built up the infrastructure and created an automated system that brings us new business. We’ve been running email campaigns with 40% click rates and 15% reply rates and new sales are coming in. Managing our wholesale relationships is now quick and easy through some very clever automations and processes!”



Ordoo is the UK’s largest aggregated mobile pre-order and payment apps. It saves customers time when ordering at their favourite coffee shops, lunch spots and bars.


Ordoo needed a CRM specialist to help migrate from Zoho CRM to HubSpot.

The Results

All data fully migrated onto HubSpot without any downtime


Data cleansed and aggregated before upload to ensure beautiful lead data


Set-up contact properties, pipelines and initial workflows to get them going

Screenshot 2019-04-13 at 13.21.31.png

Tom Dewhurst, Founder & CEO

"I would not hesitate to recommend Tristan for any role involving business development, process implementation and leadership requirements."



Oddbox fight food waste by delivering fruit and vegetables that have been rejected by supermarkets for looking imperfect to thousands of people across London.


Oddbox needed to automate their inbound lead conversion process, set-up a more manageable support system and build an automated B2B sales process.

The Results

Set-up web chat function on their website to better engage and convert inbound leads

Set-up a new CRM system that integrates with Intercom & existing infrastructure

Set-up knowledge base and support systems

Automated in-bound lead conversion process

Set-up and automated outbound sales campaign process


Deepak Ravindran, Founder & CEO

“Tristan has done a superb job here at Oddbox. He led the set-up of our customer service system, as well as our B2B sales process. We now have a fully automated inbound lead capture and conversion process in place, as well as automation tools that save the Oddbox team time every day!”



Yes, this company is as fun and awesome as it sounds. Ciderthon is a half marathon event where you get a taster of a different brand of cider at every mile!


Ciderthon needed to automate and improve their entire B2C email marketing process.

The Results

New marketing tool in place that integrates with their events platform

Prospect customer email flow to maximise conversions of inbound leads

On-boarding flow in place to maximise engagement with Ciderthon in run up to event

Built-in referrals to increase viral coefficient

Newly designed emails for their campaigns


Nikki Hawkes, Director

"Working with Tristan has really streamlined my customer engagement strategy, from automating several processes to developing content and making the most out of tools available to me. As a small business its been invaluable to have this kind of professional, fast-paced and reassuring help!"


Serviced Hosting

Serviced Hosting is a fully managed website hosting service for branding and web design agencies that removes the hassle from web hosting and allows agencies to stay focused on being creative.


They needed an expert email marketer to come in and set up an email automation tool and manage their campaigns.

The Results

New automated marketing tool in place 

End to end management of their email campaigns

Optimised email copy 

New channel for lead acquisition with conversions to sales meetings


Dan Hinton, Founder

"We have been very impressed with Tristan's way of working and attention to the finer details. We were sceptical as to how successful we could be with targeted email marketing but with his clear strategy and approach, we were very happy with the results."


Xavier Analytics

Xavier Analytics is an essential toolkit for Xero accounting professionals, who want to better clean, track and report on their clients' data. The Xavier app saves accountants time and helps them provide a better service to their clients.


The Xavier team needed help setting up a customer onboarding and sales process that will convert prospects into customers in an efficient and automated manner.

The Results

New customer ​onboarding strategy

Automated customer ​onboarding communications in place 

A repeatable and measurable process for converting leads into paying customers

New CRM system in place to better manage and convert opportunities


Richard Nicolson, Co-Founder

“Tristan quickly jumped onto easing the pressure that our small team at Xavier Analytics was facing with a rapidly expanding sales pipeline and customer base. His strong work ethic, enthusiasm and technical expertise has led to us seeing real results, very quickly. We’re looking forward to working closely with Tristan in the future.”