About Me

My passion is working with start-ups and small businesses to help them optimise their processes to enable them to grow. 


I believe that as any business looks to scale the most important metrics to track can be found in the Customer Engagement Funnel. My experience working in tech start-ups for the last few years has given me the tools, skills and experience needed to track, measure and optimise these vital metrics.

Having graduated from the University of Bath in Politics & Economics, I worked in a Business Intelligence unit for a large multi-national corporation, where I learnt the key analytical skills that are so important to understanding and growing a business.

From there I entered the start-up world, helping to design, implement and optimise processes ready for growth. Now I work with exciting new products and teams to optimise their processes as they scale!

I'm passionate about being a net contributor to the world. One project I am especially proud to be a part of is Offset Earth, where I am growing a forest of trees to help offset my carbon footprint, you can visit my profile here: ecologi.com/tristan


My Experience

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Growth | Division

CEO & Founder

Growth | Division is a collective of freelance consultants who are all experts in their own domain, be it: CRM automation, SEO optimisation, PR or social media advertising.

Naturally, our clients have a diverse range of marketing needs, and between us, we tick all the boxes. We each use our network to help each other get new clients, and in turn, we give our clients the best possible results.



Business and Customer Insights

I helped Ordoo grow to the UK's largest aggregated mobile ordering and payment app. My role involved owning the Customer Engagement funnel, helping to track, measure and optimise each stage. I increased and maintained high customer activation and retention rates and was responsible for maintaining low Cost of Acquisition per user whilst boosting Lifetime Value, therefore working toward a profitable and scalable model. 


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Business Development

VestiPOS is an iPad based point of sale company (ePOS) helping businesses grow through it's intuitive and easy to use software. I was responsible for designing, implementing and optimising the companies sales process from end to end. This involved building the CRM around the business' needs, and constructing the messaging and value proposition.



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Tech Data UK

Business Intelligence

Tech Data are Europe's largest technology distribution company. My job was to devise innovative BI processes to advance the businesses understanding of its customers. My analysis of large data sets helped me support sales leaders and directors in driving the depth and breadth of the company's sales reach. I also continuously did market and competitor research and maintained the company's CRM system.


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